New Website Design!

Hello everyone,

I’ve spent the past few weeks redesigning our TSSA website. If you couldn’t tell, we now run on WordPress, which makes my life a lot easier. I tried to capture elements of Dugie’s previous design and I appreciate all the hard work he put into the site.

For the nostalgic ones, you may enjoy the cached Google version until it updates.

Expect to see much more activity here!


End-of-Year Newsletter

Turing Dodgeball
We’ve revived Turing vs. Professor dodgeball this year and it will be held on Monday, May 09.  We need to get a team together quickly, so if you want to be on the team, please email Zach.

Spring Banquet
The Spring 2011 Turing Scholars banquet will be on Monday, May 09, 2010 at 06:00 PM in the SAC South Ballroom, which is room 2.410.  We will be having Mexican food: tacos, quesadillas, flautas, guacamole, tortilla chips, tres leches cake…  This is going to be the BEST TURING BANQUET EVER!  So you should come and hear what all the graduating seniors have planned in their quests for world domination.

Graduating Seniors!
We have an alumni mailing list.  Join it.  It will be exciting!
If you are interested in leaving your contact information (year of graduation, what you researched, what you’re doing now, where you interned) for younger Turings, please email Joe with this information so we can add you to our Super Duper Helpful Alumni List of Awesome!!!
If you applied to grad school, please send us your applications so we can add it to our grad page! It will make the process easier for all those poor students you’re leaving behind as you move on to bigger and better things.

Jobs/Internships page
Summer is here!  Please write info about your past internships, and also write one once you’re done with your internship this summer and send it to Joe.  We need more items on this page!

Research page
Pretty much no one still here has used this spreadsheet, so I’d like to remind you about it.  If you’re doing research, or have done research, please list it on this sheet.  If you’re open to having younger Turings talk to you about it, leave your email too.  It’ll be great to see all the cool things Turings have done.

Departmental page
You may remember that someone with nothing better to do redesigned the departmental Turing page.  We need pictures for it still.  The department may eventually get around to creating their own, but do you really want them to put some boring pictures on it when I KNOW you guys can come up with much more exciting things!?  No.  You don’t.  So send in some Turing/UT/Academic-related pictures.  Furthermore, it’s a little outdated, so if you have any suggestions for what to change and/or update, please also send them in.  We all want the Turing Scholars program to have a decent online presence, don’t we?

– Dugie